4 Trending Workouts You Can Try at Home

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Without realising it, we've already entered the third quarter of 2021 (same, we're just as confused as you are). Where did the time go? Staying at home for most of the year has undoubtedly taken a toll on most of us. However, we find ways to adapt to the new normal, to make life at home a little more bearable. Some trends we're noticing are people investing in new cookware and appliances (brand new waffle makers and air fryers, I see you), newfound parenthood (to plants), reviving ancient gaming consoles that's been stashed away for over a decade, and more. It's also exciting to see that people are increasingly becoming more active despite being restricted to home workouts.

If you haven't already started investing in your own health, read on to find out the top 4 trending workouts you can get started with at home! 

1. Rope Skipping

Turn on your favourite tunes and skip to the beat. Train your mind-body coordination by picking up rope skipping. This exercise is also a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories fast. All you need is to purchase a skipping rope (which is super compact and portable), look up some YouTube tutorials and you're good to go! 


    2. Yoga

      Not a fan of high impact exercises? Yoga might just be the one for you. Practicing yoga can improve your strength, balance and flexibility, allowing you to activate muscles you never knew existed before. With consistent practice, you'll be able to say goodbye to backaches and go into slumberland effortlessly. We particularly love following Yoga with Adriene's guided classes for it's inclusivity, as mentioned on her channel, "we welcome all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls".


        3. Indoor Cycling

        If you avoid cardio mainly because you hate running, indoor cycling could be the one to change your mind. Immerse yourself in an adrenaline pumping, high energy party workout with indoor cycling. You'll be able to improve on coordination with fun "combos" and moves that makes you feel like you're dancing on the bike. Reach out to your local cycling studios to rent a bike, or invest in one long-term! 

          4. Bodyweight Workout

          What makes this option so appealing, you ask? You don’t need any equipment at all, just yourself and determination. There’s a wide array of videos you can follow on YouTube as well! We recommend checking out Pamela Reif or Madfit’s channel to challenge your strength, endurance, and balance. With consistency, you’ll see your booty and abs growing in no time. 


            Although we are encouraged to stay active and exercise often, it is important for us to listen to our bodies to prevent overexertion and fatigue of muscles. Common phrases we often hear, such as “no pain, no gain” or “push yourself to the limit” may be motivational to a certain extent, but adopting this mindset into your workout routine may bring about life-threatening consequences, such as Rhabdomyolysis.

            With more fitness enthusiasts taking up high intensity classes (e.g. CrossFit, indoor cycling) at home, it is not surprising that we are seeing Rhabdomyolysis occurring more often. However, there are several ways to prevent this from happening to you. Homage Malaysia has put together an informative piece about the dangers of Rhabdomyolysis, and some causes and symptoms of this life-threatening condition to look out for. Read the full article here.

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