What makes our Antibacterial Face Mask different from others?

[ Updated on 5th July, 2021 ] 

With cases on the rise and being stuck in what feels like an endless loop of MCO, it's important to take conscious actions to keep ourselves safe. One way to stay protected is to practice double-masking when we're going out. 

Homage Malaysia's article about double-masking may have the answers to your questions about double-masking. Read the full article here.

The below article also explains how you can benefit from double-masking with our Antibacterial Face Mask.


Curious about our Antibacterial Face Mask? Here, we're highlighting some of the new features of this improved version and answering some questions you may have! 

The Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pockets features:

1. Design of the Curve 

You may have noticed that the mask has a curved surface. We tried out different fabric masks before finally creating our
own, and we noticed that air circulation was poor under fabric masks. With that in mind, we created the curved surface to
allow space for air to circulate. No more breathing difficulties while wearing a fabric mask.

Besides better air circulation, the curved design does not restrict mouth movement (so talk all you want to your
friends and neighbours, but remember to keep your mask on!

The space allowance beneath the mask means that any move movements will not cause your mask to move around,
trust us when we say this: It’s going to stay in place. 

2. Wired Nose Bridge

In line with our first face mask release, there is a wire on the nose bridge area to better secure the mask on your face,
creating a full coverage “seal”. If you wear glasses, here’s something that will appeal to you: No more fogging up
and going half-blind whenever you breathe out! 

3. Coverage That Goes Beyond the Chin

When we designed this mask, safety was our priority. This explains how full coverage this mask is as it protects
all the way to your chin area. Because the mask is cupped by your nose bridge and chin, slipping and budging is prevented. 

4. Soft plushy ear loops & spring stopper

This mask is so comfortable, you won’t ever feel it tugging at your ears. The soft plushy ear loops will hug your ears gently,
even after adjusting your mask with the spring stopper to your best fit.

The answers to common questions.. 

          1. Can this mask replace medical grade face masks?
            NO. However, this mask is waterproof-- protecting you from droplets and reducing person-to-person transmission of the virus. It is highly recommended that you insert a mask filter into the filter pocket for better filtration of dangerous particles, especially in high exposure situations.

          2.  What makes it antibacterial?
            Made of ATB-UV+ yarns, which are antibacterial fibres, the fabric of this mask can prevent the buildup of bacteria, mould, mildew, and other hazardous microbes. Besides that, it is also fast-drying & sweat-wicking!

            ATB-UV+ fabric is made of advanced silver-based antimicrobial material. Along with a long-lasting 99.9% antibacterial function, it also has a great sweat absorption/evaporation mechanism, and blocks out both UV-A and UV-B rays! 
            All in all, the face mask works against microbes and bacterial growth while providing optimum breathability.
            The best part? This is a permanent function!

          3. How long does the antibacterial function last? 
            The mask’s antibacterial function lasts for as long as it is wearable; It will not “wear off” after every wash!

          4. What about the waterproof function?
            We cannot guarantee how long this fabric will maintain its waterproof coating— its effectiveness will gradually deteriorate after each wash. In order to preserve it for a long time, hand wash the mask with cold soapy water gently.

To get to know this mask better, you'll have to try it yourself! 
Shop the Antibacterial Face Mask with Filter Pocket here while stocks last.

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