8 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy From Malaysian Businesses

December is here, which means.. Christmas is just around the corner! We’ve curated a list of local brands you can support during this festive seasonperfect for your loved ones (or yourself) to indulge in.

Products are mentioned in no particular order.


1. Zenboocha

Looking for Christmas in the form of a drink? Let Zenboocha’s seasonal flavourBerry Xmas, tantalise your taste buds with notes of cinnamon, cranberries, and vanilla, all that jam packed in a fizzy bottle. Try out their regular flavours as well, we love the ginger honey! 


2. Faustino Malaysia

What is Christmas without wine on the dinner table? Faustino offers an extensive selection of wines directly imported from Spain. Red, white, or rosé.. take your pick!


3. Olēre

This divine Christmas gift set will transform any home from cold to cozy. The best part? You get to select the scents you want for the gift box. OLĒRE has created a seasonal scent for the holidays too! 


4. ana tomy

Looking for a practical, personalised and minimalist gift? Head over to ana tomy to customize your 2021 planners. Warning: You’ll be struggling to pick your design because everything. Looks. Amazing. 


5. HomeTooMuch

Spice up your Christmas Tree ornaments with a local touch. These adorable keychain/ornaments featuring items that remind us of our childhood will definitely make your Christmas decor stand out!


6. Muse Skin

Feeling dull during the holiday season? Brighten up and replenish your skin with their Moisture Balm and Vit C serum. Get them in a set (Hydro Duo) to save some $$!


7. Kandle Kandle

Room sprays are perfect to subtly set the tone. Check out Kandle Kandle’s Signature Room Sprays to change up the atmosphere, depending on how you’re feeling. 


8. Banana Fighter Activewear 

Tell your loved ones that you care about them. Nothing says “I care” more than gifting them with a protective face mask.

We hope that this mini gift guide allowed you to discover some fun local brands and helped you sort out your Christmas shopping list. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Stay safe and take care.

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