Fabric Face Mask Tutorial to beat Covid-19

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Introducing Banana Fighter's "Door Mask".

We're into the second phase of home quarantine #dudukrumah #stayathome. I've spent some time making these fabric face mask I name it Door Mask.

For the times when you need to go out FOR A MINUTE OR TWO to collect your delivery, Grab food, throw rubbish and don’t want to waste your 3-ply mask.

I was going to wait for the mask filter sheet to arrive to show you how to use this in a more sustainable and hygienic way but I’ll leave that for another video.

(Ex)Fashion Designers, this is your time to declutter your fabric storage and save your family members. For people who don’t have knowledge in making this, I hope this is a clear enough tutorial to start with.

Please use only cotton and breathable fabrics. Any Nylon or Polyester content might not be best for ventilation.

Disclaimer: This mask does not prevent you from airborne particles and viruses, it only serves as a short term barrier from liquid particles. Advisable to wash and sanitize frequently.

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