Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing Session with April Kuan

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BANANA FIGHTER'S FIRST EVER COMMUNITY CLASS collaborating with Sound Healer- April Kuan

The theme was MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE: Cleansing and re-aligning your energy for the new year ahead.


A relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums, and singing bowls.

In this session by April Kuan, she will be using Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Channeling the sound and vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, April begins by bringing the body to a place of relaxation where it is open to receiving healing, then proceeds to activate and balance the 114 chakras (also known as energy centers in the body), including the seven main ones that are located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

During the healing, she also places a bowl on the heart chakra to allow the vibrations to permeate the upper and lower chakras.

The sound and vibrations from these Tibetan bowls, not only downshift our brainwaves and calm the nervous system, they create an optimal environment for deep healing on a cellular level. Our physical and energetic bodies go through a significant shift as the chakras are balanced. Stuck and stagnant energy starts flowing freely and old patterns are reset so that new ones can form.

intentions note card

A note to self for setting good intentions for year 2020.

sound healing set up

Tools and cosy set up for the sound healing session.

sound healing explanation

April explaining the Chakras in our body.

sound bath explanation

sound bath session

During the sound healing session where everyone lay down and ready to immerse themselves in the sound and vibrations of Tibetan Bowls.

sound healing play time

And then it's playtime!
Amanda experiencing self-healing with the vibrations of the Tibetan bowl

sound healing

Here is April demonstrating how to knock all the nonsense out of our heads :p 

sound bath

So grateful for these amazing souls for turning up to Banana Fighter's first-ever community class and April for the amazing sound healing session.

Here's a brief introduction of April Kuan:

April's profile

You can also find her at:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aprilkuanyoga/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thechosenkuan/

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  • Figen on

    Hi, are you in Penang ?

  • Vishnu on

    That was an excellent article! According to Mitchell Gaynor, “There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound,music and vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony.”
    I’ve been researching and reading a lot about singing bowls recently. I’m wondering if any of you have any other resources to provide. It appears that finding the most up-to-date information on the website is challenging. I recently noticed a handful of relevant websites https://www.pranalink.com/educate-topic/singing-bowls.html?utm_source=referrer&utm_medium=Organic is one of the websites.
    The bulk of the websites do not update regularly enough to assist me in learning more quickly. Is there anyone willing to assist?

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